A View from the Bridge: Audience comments

“I went to see Montreal Theatre Ensemble’s “A View From the Bridge” last night. Everyone who can, should go see this production. The incredible production values (set, costumes, sound and lighting) beautifully support, and then are respectfully eclipsed by the truly outstanding acting.

The ensemble of mostly young, “up and comer” actors are engaging and clearly skilled.  Adam Leblanc (Eddie Carbone) and Rebecca Croll (Beatrice Carbone) are worth particular note. In this role, Leblanc has channeled all the pent up frustration, and jealous rage to a perfect pitch of ruin and disaster. Can you say young DeNiro?  As his long suffering wife, Croll never strays into the easy or obvious choices, therefore remaining earnest and true without seeming shrill.  Christie Hebert as the Carbone’s over protected and virginal niece, Catherine, acquitted herself admirably, standing up to the powerhouse performances of Leblanc and Croll, and perfectly embodied the pretty “paper doll” we needed her to be. Matthew Raudsepp, as Catherine’s erstwhile suitor, was at the top of his game, playing the cute, comical and slightly effeminate Rodolpho.  Peter Vrana, as Rodolpho’s older brother, Marco, literally seems to go from strength to strength each time I see him perform. Rounding out the front row was the Narrator, Mr. Alfieri, played by the consummate brick-house of the West Island’s seething theatrical scene for the past 20 plus years, Bill Fletcher.

The rest of the ensemble cast seamlessly inhabit and create the gritty, hardworking, hard-knocks streets of the immigrant neighbourhood located in the shadow of the Brooklyn Bridge. Go to mtlte.com to reserve.”

“Congratulations to all of you for an excellent production. I attended your performance January 29 along with a group of friends (several are Italian) and we were thoroughly impressed and deeply moved by the quality of the show and particularly by the acting. Personally, I believe it is the best play I have ever attended at any venue.Please keep up the good work. English theatre is under-represented in Montreal although we obviously have such brilliant talent.”

“Wonderful production and superb performances from you and Adam – and indeed from all the cast. A really first rate show all round , and we were very absorbed by it right from the word go. For my wife to go through an evening performance anywhere (even Stratford) without a brief nod off is a miracle – and, well, I guess you achieved a miracle on Thursday. Very well done”

“Thank you all for your amazing work. It was nothing short of inspiring. The acting, the directing, the set, all amazing. And thank you for reminding me that live theatre is the only place on the planet that I can have an experience like that.   Some times I get so caught up in the fray of day to day, that I forget.”

“Unquestionably one of the best shows I’ve seen in years. It should be turning people away every night. From sets to performances, a superb production.”

“We came to see the show last night and thoroughly enjoyed it! wonderful performances all around and we felt that it was directed with great care and attention to sublety and trust of the writing, which allowed the drama to unfold naturally for us without telling us how to feel… oh, and great accent work, btw!  Thank you for a powerful, intimate evening at the theatre!”

“All your performances were very very good. I hadn`t seen captivating theatre like that in montreal for a little while now .. and we were so caught up in the story, we could barely speak after the show.    Thank you for this experience and for sharing this fire and this talent with us.”

“Congratulations! That was a really, really, really good show. Everyone was very committed, everyone played their characters and their moments.  The set was gorgeous, the lighting, the music. Ach, I could go on! What the heck, I will. Adam, you were a completely a different man. You were fantastic. Becky, you poor long-suffering thing, you. Not an easy part to play, the middle person. Well, well done. Other than that it was a terribly tension-filled and sad play, I had a great time tonight. Thanks for a great piece of theatre!”

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