All My Sons: Audience feedback

I saw the show tonight and I’ve just got to say WOW! What an extraordinary experience! Well done!Just like last year you all portrayed your characters so incredibly convincingly, but this show was even better. It’s amazing how your ensemble made a sixty year old story feel so fresh and easy to relate to. The characters all seemed so real, and their motivations and reactions so completely understandable… And it’s fascinating how the play still has great relevance today with all the recent controversies over the pursuit of profit at the expense of humanity.  I can honestly say I have never been so moved by a play before.  Kate reading the letter, Chris finding the truth about his father, and Joe’s final sacrifice – gut-wrenching moments that really affected me, I don’t mind admitting I had tears in my eyes, and I’ve never experienced that from a play before. A tragic story, but there’s so much inspiration you can draw from it. And your performances were all flawless.

Thank you for a wonderful evening’s entertainment! Keep up the great work!

I saw the show yesterday afternoon and have to say it was truly a wonderful experience.  Solid acting, wonderful cast, gut wrenching performances, a beautiful set and masterful directing.  I was moved to tears a couple of times, and was so very glad I had a chance to see it.  Thank you each and every one of you for making theatre what it should be. A truly memorable experience – WELL DONE!

It was brilliant. So wonderful to have such great quality theatre in Montreal, let alone on the West Island. I took my 15 year-old son and he enjoyed it as much as I did.

Hate to gush, ah too late, but you guys rock

We went to the play All My Sons last Friday.  We thoroughly enjoyed the play and found Peter truly authentic in his role. BRAVO !! To him and all the actors !

Our only disappointment was that the theatre wasn’t a sell out ( based on the weather we were but afew of the crazy ones driving in that storm. )

Epic!!! Familiar, But New. Great performance. Love that story to death.

Superb perfomances by everyone yesterday  – what an excellent production. Great play material of course, but you all brought out the best in it – very moving in places. Very well done! Most enjoyable evening for us and a well deserved standing ovation ( perhaps you are getting them every night!).

Thursday night’s performance was incredible!  I’m so happy that my students had the opportunity to experience such high quality theatre.  Your entire cast is so incredibly talented and gave inspiring performances.  The students I spoke with on Friday were greatly impressed and had lots to say about the quality of the acting and the intricate story line, among many other things.  I also really appreciated that the cast took the time to do a talk-back session with students after what must have been an exhausting performance.  I love the talk-back; it really opens the door into the world of theatre and the actors always have good nuggets of wisdom to share with drama students.

Thanks for the wonderful play last night. It was the most riveting theatre I’ve seen in ages.
Congrats to you all!

You guys are the best. You guys had us ( the audience) in the palm of your hands and you played that wonderful script so well. Hitting all the right notes. Really enjoyable, thank you!

All My Sons – amazing production – Amazing cast – stunning all around – well done!

Needed to let you know that I went to see the play yesterday and was completely captivated!!  What an amazing cast, they pulled you in, by the end of the second set into the third I was so emotional!  Truly a privilege to see talent right in front of your eyes.

We were really glad we went.  What a great show and what a great bunch of performances.
You guys brought Miller’s script so beautifully to life,  I had just read it and was a bit leery of Act One, which on the page I found a bit clunky in a few places.  I needn’t have worried: you made it so real.  What a delight!  And of course Act Two is dynamite and you all made it work so well. Terry did a great job and you all must have made him very proud.  And Act Three (which must be the shortest Act Three in the history of the world) broke every heart in the place.

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